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Aquatica Eco-Smarte Round Shower Slider

Aquatica Eco-Smarte Round Shower Slider
Product Number: GHM-SMA-AQESS
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This new Eco-friendly range from Aquatica has been developed to accommodate those consumers who want a future-proof product in their home. These products can be quickly adapted to reduce the flow on mains pressure installations - thus reducing your waste water and saving on your power and water costs.



Product Code: GHM-SMA-AQESS


  • Suitable to all prssure
  • Wall mounted installation
  • Adjustable rail.
  • Single function hand head.
  • 9 liter/min flow regulator.
  • Includes soap dish and luxury wall elbow.
  • Wide bore metal hose.


Technical details: GHM-SMA-AQESS Specification.PDF


5 year manufacturer warranty