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Combos are the combined bathroom items that suit to your needs. There are three category combos: shower, bathroom and cabinet.

When it comes to new residential buildings or renovations on an existing house, some people want an all-in-one solution for the bathroom products they need. These products normally include a shower, vanity, toilet, tapware and accessories. At Galaxy Homeware, we have bathroom combo deals that suit different needs for new apartments, luxury houses, renovations, or rental properties. One major advantage of these deals is the competitive price, as it is normally 25% cheaper than buying each product individually. Our curated bathroom combinations can also help you save time that you would have otherwise spent hunting for products that match in terms of design aesthetics. All of our combined bath shower combo deals keep everything uniform, so you never need to worry about confpcting design issues. Browse our range of bathroom vanity combos here on our website. Our extensive range of high-quapty products means there’s undoubtedly something to suit your aesthetic taste and budget.


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