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Bathroom & Kitchen Taps 

Taps are an essential element of any bathroom or kitchen. Shower mixer NZ, basin mixer NZ, bath mixer and sink mixer are the most commonly used ones.  Not only functionally, and visually they can make or break a bathroom or kitchen design. 

These products are among the most frequently used hygiene devices, so it is important to take the time to choose the right ones. There are a vast number of these products available in the market and the selection could become mind boggling and overwhelming.

The following is a checklist we suggest in your process of selection.

Consider where you want to use them

The places where a sink mixer or bath mixer could be used for may vary from luxury, medium price property for sale, apartment, rental property, or your own house. This factor could be decisive in the price range for the products, as well as where they are installed.

Clearly for the luxury going to the market you probably want to use top brands such as “Hansgrohe”,” Kohler”, or “Methven”. On the other hand, rental properties often utilize top quality products in their bathrooms such as a shower head and mixer product or bath mixer. While renovating your own bathroom, your budget will ultimately decide which products you use and where they should be installed.

Basic factors in selection.

It is important to consider the water pressure and rating when looking at vanity unit mixer taps.

There are only two major water pressures currently used in New Zealand.

  • High pressure
  • Unequal pressure or low pressure

It is important to note that if the water pressure is low, the selection range is largely reduced and you will have less selection in the products you can choose.  

Water rating is marked by WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) starting from number one to six. The higher the number, the more efficient the water usage. The importance of the water rating also depends on how often or how much water volume the bath mixer is planning to use.  

Setup and style

The first step in choosing tapware style is to consider the design of your bathroom – is it contemporary or traditional? Does your tap of choice fit seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom?

Also do you have ideas to fit a unique style for your bathroom? There are a vast number of different tapware products available in the market. For easy selection we can classify it by looking through a certain criteria:

The Setup of the Tap

  • Vanity unit mixer taps setup
  • Basin mixer NZ 

Wall mounted basin mixer While basin mixer NZ is easy to install and features a wall-mounted model, its popularity is slowly increasing because of its visual appeal, decluttering and space-saving benefits.

Shower mixer

  • Standalone wall mounted
  • Integrated shower station

The standalone shower mixers are much cheaper compared to all-in-one setup. The later one can well reduce your piping work and make it more contemporary looking for a whole shower unit.

Bath mixer

  • Separate bath mixer and spout
  • Integrated bath mixer and spout

 Product shape

The taps need to match the environment surrounding such as the vanity, shower, or toilet. Round products are more fit for traditional design, whereas square ones have a more contemporary appeal. Major brands always have their featured series with individual ideals.



This timeless finish has been the most popular choice of tapware for years.

Brass or gold

Great for achieving an old-world effect in traditional or heritage-style bathrooms.

Coated finishes

Brushed metals (such as nickel, gunmetal and rose gold) and matte black have rapidly gained popularity in recent years. 

Our Product Range

While most products sold in our business are made by top Chinese suppliers, major brand products are also available for different needs. It covers most of the different price range, setup, shape, and finishes. It may take a little bit while to go through the different series, understand their features and implement choices that fit your bathroom best.  


At the beginning we can help you select tapware, including a shower head and mixer or vanity unit mixer taps, according to your plan and design. We have a quick delivery and freight service nationwide.

We can help our customer with the installation by introducing a plumber for the installation. If you need parts at a later stage, we are happy to supply them. 

Product Quality

First, all our shower sliders complies with the AUS/NZ standard.

There are a lot of sound features that address critical areas for the longer life span and convenient use.

Our Chinese supplier plays a leading role with decades of tapware production history. It has a higher standard for the product specification than the industrial average, ensuring high quality. The shower slider and its parts are extensively tested, and in conjunction with the robust quality control procedure, the product performs every single time.

Our tapware carries a five-year to ten-year warranty depending on different products. Overall, our products deliver an attractive combination of long-lasting quality and design at an affordable price.

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